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Greetings my readers!

I hope you are doing great. It is half of the summer holidays and true, the beginning of the new school and academic year is approaching. But that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying the beach, nights out, time with friends and family, (perhaps summer love for you lucky ones), reading books, binging TV-series, watching movies… I will stop right there because that is what I will write about!

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Who knows me, knows that I love Brad Pitt. And that I possess a certain amount of knowledge of his filmography (which is completely logical considering that I am the movie buff in my friend's group).

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For today, I picked a movie I watched recently. Honestly, I wanted to watch it for a while now, but since it is 3 hours long, I didn’t have that much time to spend on a movie earlier.
But I have to admit, I am so glad I have watched it.

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First things first – before watching the movie I watched its trailer. One of the things I learned at “Mediterranean Film Festival School” two years ago is that trailer sells the movie – aka, by watching that 1-2 minutes you decide whether you will like the movie or not.
I liked the trailer for “Meet Joe Black”. It looked to me like a typical 90s romance movie, except this one had fantasy elements (which was the key thing to draw me in) – the girl falls in love with a guy – a catch: who is Death in the flesh!

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Okay, okay, I will go back to the beginning. Since I don’t like when people spoil movies for me, I will do my best in order not to do that to you – at least not the ending.

The opening scene shows us William “Bill” Parish (Anthony Hopkins) – the billionaire owner of Parish communications and a loving father who is woken up to pain in his left arm (an indicator of heart attack) and a voice in his head whispering one single word “Yes.”
The next morning, William’s older, a bit meddling daughter, Allison (Marcia Gay Harden) is planning a big party for his 65th birthday. His younger daughter, Susan (Claire Forlani), a young doctor is in a call-it-a-relationship with one of Bill’s board members, Drew (Jake Weber). Bill is not pleased with that relationship and in a helicopter ride towards the Perish communications, he tells Susan what he wants for her:

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Later, in a café, Susan meets a young man (Brad Pitt), whom she flirts with and who flirts back in a very charming and cute way. Susan fails to learn his name though and they part but the chemistry among them was smittening. I read some reviews on this movie and people often complain about slow pacing this movie has, but I absolutely love it, especially because of the scene where they turn to look at each other three times and every time fail to see the other one doing it and the romantic mood is perfectly backed up with music background and it is all perfect and dreamy until Brad Pitt’s character is hit, not by one but two cars (It sounds quite morbid, but I laughed my ass off at that scene and I think it is brilliant).

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Bill has family dinner which is attended by Allison and her husband Quince (Jeffrey Tambor) who is also Bill’s board member, Drew and Susan who is late. Bill hears voices again and this time it says that he is waiting in front of the house gate. Bill calls the maid who says there was a young man who is waiting for him. Bill excuses himself and goes to the library where he finds out that the young man is actually Death (Brad Pitt) who possessed the body (of the young man whom Susan met that morning but that will be revealed later) and who tells Bill that he will die soon unless they make a deal: Bill coaches Death to live on Earth and Death gives him more time. Bill is weirded out but he agrees and introduces Death as his old friend Joe Black. I love those scenes because Joe Black acts extremely polite and takes everything literally which makes him funny. Susan comes and she is shocked because the guy acts like they are strangers (which, technically, they are, as she hasn’t spoken to Death aka Joe, but the guy whose body he possesses). Drew is annoyed with the fact that Joe and Susan know each other and I absolutely love that. After the dinner, Bill takes Joe to a room which will be his, but Joe gets out and start wandering around (let’s get real: if you were staying in a mansion wouldn’t you do it too, I know I would) and ends up in the kitchen where he discovers none other but the peanut butter – which is one of my favourite scenes and the most hilarious in the movie. Then, Joe finds the pool in which Susan is swimming. They have a conversation in which Susan shows she liked him the way he was earlier.

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As a part of their deal, Joe is following Bill everywhere, including board meetings, which highly irritates Drew (another one of my favourite scenes), especially considering how calm and polite Joe is. When they were alone in Bill’s office, Bill opens his soul and tells Joe about his wife’s death and the moment when he met her. Bill wonders why did Joe let him talk about that when he probably knows it already. Joe says he doesn’t know – in my opinion, Joe started to develop empathy.

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And not just empathy for Bill, but for Susan too. Joe visits her in the hospital – where there is a bit weird scene with an old lady who calls Joe “Obea” – an evil spirit. Joe is a bit surprised she recognized his purpose and is calling him that and explains her he takes people to the better place. He takes a bit of her pain away telling her it is not her time yet.

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Bill organizes family dinner every night as he is aware his time might come any day now, whenever Joe decides he had enough of his “vacation”. One night, Drew shows he is sick of Joe’s presence and the way he and Susan interact. Susan stands up for herself and it seems as if it is done between them. Joe was listening to their conversation and he and Susan appear to have a moment.

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In the meantime, Drew uses one information he got from Quince (watch the movie to find out!) in order to convince the board that Bill is incapable of leading the company and that Joe is influencing his every decision.

It is soon revealed that Drew has a secret plan to destroy Bill’s company.
With that and relationship that builds between Joe and Susan, Bill is slowly losing control over his own life…
How it ends is on you to find out!

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Bottom line: I honestly, loved this movie, it is definitely in my top 10 Brad Pitt movies (if not in my top 10 favourite movies). It has the importance of life, love, family, mistakes, and redemption…and let’s not forget utterly cute blonde Brad Pitt:

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With a dreamy smile:

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And heart-melting lines:

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Father-daughter moments:

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Awkward first kiss:

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And the whole bunch of wise words:

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And, the unforgettable: Peanut Butter scene;

Step 1: observe
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Step 2: try
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Step 3: taste
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Step 4: ask to get more
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Step 5: lick and enjoy!
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There it is guys, I hope you like it and I hope I presented this movie right so some of you might actually go and watch it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to message.

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