Making someone's day is easier than you think. All it takes is a couple of seconds from your own day to make others so much better. A simple 'hello, how are you' is all it takes to make someone smile.

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→ Give a genuine compliment
→ Reach out to someone you miss
→ Send loved ones flowers
→ Tell someone you're proud of them
→ Send a handwritten letter or note

→ Listen fully
→ Say "I'm sorry" if needed
→ Give a good tip
→ Say hi to the mailman
→ Give thanks

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→ Be available for them
→ Smile at strangers
→ Give someone a hug
→ Call your grandparents
→ Help a neighbor

→ Volunteer
→ Sit with someone who is alone
→ Take someone's dishes for them
→ Hold then door open
→ Share homemade meals

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→ Encourage and inspire someone
→ Tell a good - or terrible - joke
→ Share something you found funny
→ Get their favorite takeout
→ Run an errand for that person

→ Surprise them with something nice
→ Bring the positivity
→ Make an effort with them
→ Smile!
→ Donate clothes/ food to charities

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love always.

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