blonde, chandelier, and dress image pink and girl boss image pins image dessert, pastry, and pie image
1 - Roxie. The eldest of three children, and the only sister. Mother died when she was young. Baker. Ambitious, stubborn and cunning. Mother-to-be. Will do anything for her family.
art, drawing, and painting image instrument, music, and piano image art, gold, and quote image black, black and white, and greyscale image
2 - Monty. Roxie's youngest brother. Musician and artist. Monty was born deformed, with an overly large, flat head that he's greatly ashamed of. A sweet, gentle, soft-spoken boy who adores his sister despite her indifference towards him.
mirror, gold, and aesthetic image Mature image black, fashion, and gold image lion, animal, and wild image
3 - George. Monty and Roxie's brother. Most people in town believe he killed his fellow student whilst at school and call him "Slayer". Extremely smart, athletically talented, and considered a prodigy. Obsessed with history. Brave, loyal and protective.
hair, aesthetic, and beauty image pink, kawaii, and earphones image bow, dessert, and kawaii image dress, elegant, and lace image
4 - Coco. The middle child and the eldest daughter within her family. Works at Roxie's bakery. Traditionally beautiful, with high cheekbones, thick orange hair, and soft blue eyes. Loves anything cute, pretty, and girly.
ice cream, soft, and lilac image animal, pet, and soft image drinking, knife, and Tattoos image black and white, monochrome, and boy image
5 - Cairo. Coco's eldest sibling. Young, boyish looks. Keen sense of justice, fairness and balance, and wants to be just like his recently dead father. Has a black cat called Cody. Drinks a lot and can be reckless. Excellent with computers.
couple, hands, and yours image autumn, blanket, and cozy image autumn, fashion, and fall image cigarette, girl, and pale image
6 - Honor. The youngest sister to Coco & Cairo. Excitable, curious, and athletic. Is the polar opposite to her sister, whom she doesn't get along with. Secretly loves fashion. Despite her need for adventure, she always comes back home, and she adores her brother.
nike, red, and boy image fire, vintage, and indie image love, car, and grunge image adventure, canada, and lake image
7 - Marianus. Honor's boyfriend. Apprenticing to become a metalsmith. Never knew his father, but is extremely close to his mother. Is a fair bit older than Honor, which makes Cairo dislike him. Feeds Honor's adventurous spirit. He is tall and muscular, with green eyes and blonde hair.
fashion, jacket, and style image garden, light, and plants image Collage, colour, and dog image black and white, guitar, and music image
8 - Sonny. Monty and Cairo's friend. Mischievous, fun and forthright. His sister, mother, and father died in a robbery gone wrong which left him angry, but his older brother taught him how to put that into music instead. He plays guitar, with Monty occasionally accompanying him on keyboard.