Switching lanes about you
Leave me in the dark
Until you wake me up and
Make me heal the scars on my back

Let’s get my thoughts home
Set them free of the smother of cigarette
Smoke and coffee
Hold tight and hurry
Let’s get another band-aid
For the bleeding gun wound

Maybe along the way
I did become her
The one I said I’d never be
And now my bloodstained shirt smells like him
And she doesn’t even care
About how I’ll lose your scent forever

Weeks pass and my feelings are still as lost
I know he’s not you and I bet she does too
But for now his haven keeps me safe
His liquor will burn these flames down
And soon home will be gone

I left you for him
Drove myself off my own paved road
Fast, soon, please
I’ll turn the wheel
Hoping you’ll leave her for me

Words I told him were true
Are turned into lies
When I see the sight of your love
Turning me into sand to that sea
And always letting go

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