Makeup is such a fun art form to get into, play around with, and be creative. I love makeup so much, but I remember as I was getting into it I didn’t have a lot of guidance. Finding high-quality makeup products is hard and using a trial and error method can get very expensive, so I decided to put together a little guide for the best, affordable makeup products.

Elf Face Primers — $5.69
Maybelline MasterPrime — $5.29
L’Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Primer — $10.97

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Elf has a variety of primers depending on what property you’re looking for, including mineral infusion, hydration, illumination, pore filler, fine line filler, etc.
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Maybelline has a variety of primers for various skin types and skin control, such as blur, redness control, and illumination.
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This is the best primer for people with dry/combo to dry skin since it provides an inner glow and healthy-looking base. NOT recommended for oily skin.

Maybelline FIT ME Foundation — $5.94
Maybelline Super Stay Foundation — $9.98
Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation — $4.68
L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation (Pro-Glow or Pro-Matte) — $10.97
L’Oreal Paris True Match (Lumi) Foundation — $10.97

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The Maybelline FIT ME Foundation (Matte + Poreless for oily skin & Dewy + Smooth for dry skin)
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Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation
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L’Oreal Matte Foundation for oily skin // L’Oreal True Match Foundation for combo skin // L’Oreal True Match Lumi Products for dry skin
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Do you need help finding a foundation match? Try

Maybelline FIT ME! Concealer — $5.94
Maybelline Instant Age-Rewind Concealer — $7.94
LA Girl Pro Concealer — $2.38
NYX Photogenic Concealer — $3.13

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Tip: Make sure your concealer is 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation/skin tone to be able to highlight the high points of your face

Setting / Translucent Powders
Maybelline FIT ME! Pressed Powder — $5.94
RCMA No Color Powder — $19.32
Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder — $6.99

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Maybelline FIT ME Pigmented Pressed Powder
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RCMA No Color Tranluscent Powder
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Coty Airspun Transluscent Powder

Eyeshadow Palettes
Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes (for medium to advanced makeup artists) — $6 to $49
Maybelline City Mini Palettes (cheaper and just to get the feel of using makeup) — $6.79

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Individual eyeshadows cost less if you only want one color

L’oreal Voluminous Mascara — $5.59
Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara — $8.99
Maybelline VolumExpress Waterproof Mascara — $4.98

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Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liner — $7.39
Morphe Gel Eyeliner — $9
Elf Eyeliner Pencil — $1

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Bronzers / Countour
Hoola Benefit Bronzer — $16
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer — $14.99
Kokie Powder Contour Palette — $15

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Elf Blush Quads — $6
Morphe Blush Palettes — $12 to $20
Nyx Blush Palettes — $11.49

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Top Row: Elf Blush Quad, Morphe Blush Palette Bottom Row: Nyx Individual Blushes and Palette

Individual blushes cost less if you only want one shade

Morphe Liquid Lipsticks — $10
L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Lipsticks — $10
Milani Lipsticks — $4.49

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Liquid Lipsticks vs Lipsticks

I also HIGHLY recommend the Kylie Cosmetic Velvet Lipsticks if you’re willing to spend $16. They are worth it!

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Kylie Lipliner & Matte Liquid Lipstick Set / Kylie Velvet Liquid Lipsticks

Setting Sprays
Morphe Continuous Setting Mist! — $15
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray — $32
Nyx Matte Setting Spray — $18
Elf Setting Spray — $4

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Makeup Sponges
Beauty Blender — $20
Morphe Beauty Sponge — $7
Beauty Sponges on Amazon or online (come in bulk for cheap)

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Makeup Brushes
• Morphe Brushes (high quality for drugstore prices)
• Any brush set you find in a local drugstore if you’re just starting out or aren’t willing to spend too much

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And that completes the list of the top makeup products of each category that are affordable and most can be found in your local drugstore!

If you have any requests on beauty articles such as products just for a certain skin type, trending products / big launches, or the best beauty gurus on youtube, send me a message and let me know!

_This article was written by @harshini_oruganti on the We Heart It Writers Team_