A: Age

article and birthday image 18, birthday, and cool kids image
just turned 18

B: Birthplace

city, architecture, and places image landscape image Image removed adventure, alone, and calm image

C: Color

lipgloss, mac, and makeup image Image removed nails, ring, and yellow image aesthetic, beauty, and classy image fashion, nails, and art image fashion, gucci, and outfit image
these are just a few of the colors I like

D: Desire

pink, world, and aesthetic image Image removed
travel a lot and live abroad, find love and do what I like for a living

E: Every morning starts with

Image by ✖𝙲𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚘𝚏 𝚕𝚒𝚎✖ Image by iarahammoud
getting ready and then scrolling through social media

F: Favorite Movies

disney, simba, and love image animation, badass, and blue image Image by 🐍 Image removed

G: Greatest achievement

book image Temporarily removed
finishing highschool idrk 😂

H: Hobbies

netflix and pink image Image by ℒŮℵẴ
watch tv shows and reading, and maybe in the future photography or learning to play guitar

I: In love with

boy, shawn, and shawn mendes image shawn mendes, senorita, and boy image
Shawn and his beautiful voice and personality

J: Job of my dreams

beautiful, interesting, and photo image fashion, girl, and travel image adorable, animals, and beach image
I have always wanted to work with animals, but lately I would like to become a writer or a tourist guide, I know totally different jobs with nothing in common 😂

K: Kids

babies, baby, and family image Image by Gresa
I don't think I want kids, I see myself in the future being a dog mom but never say never

L: Last thing I ate

ice cream, food, and summer image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

M: Magical Power

gif, psychic, and question image aesthetic, edit, and hand image photography, boy, and tumblr image Temporarily removed
Mind reading, telekinesis, teleportation or time travel, I don't have just one favorite so idk what to choose

N: Name of my favorite food

food image food, pizza, and tasty image food, fast food, and burger image food, fries, and burger image
I wish I could like healthier food better 😩

O: One wish

Temporarily removed shawn mendes, goals, and shawn image
to travel and meet my idol

P: Personality

quotes, sarcasm, and sassy image Lazy, quotes, and nothing image shit, quotes, and hey image b&w, black, and bw image
I would describe myself as sarcastic, lazy, socially awkward, fun, kind, fair and very insecure

Q: Question I always ask

Paper, pencil, and question image blue and pastel image

R: Reasons to smile

blue, lilac, and pink image cat, animal, and cute image baby, couple, and daughter image friends, girl, and party image
nature, baby animals, my family and friends

S: Song you sang last

beautiful, black, and blanco image
by Ed Sheeran

T: TV show

stranger things, netflix, and eleven image dean winchester, jared, and jensen image netflix, sabrina, and witch image serie, shows, and netflix image
These are just some of my favorite shows

U: Underwater animals

Temporarily removed animal, baby, and cutie image
seals, they are so cute

V: Vacation destination

Greece, Island, and landscape image Temporarily removed beach, cali, and california image nature, hawaii, and waterfall image
Greece (Santorini), Italy (Rome), USA (LA), Hawaii

W: Worst habbit

aesthetic, overthinking, and quotes image sleep, anime, and quotes image
overthinking and getting anxious about the samllest things, and being lazy

X: x-rays I've had

summer, pool, and water image
legs and feet

Y: Youtubers

Temporarily removed sam golbach, colby brock, and samandcolby image girl, new, and vine image boy, boys, and cutie image
Shane Dawson, Sam and Colby, Gabbie Hanna and David Dobrik are probably the youtubers I watch the most

Z: Zodiac sign

cancer, zodiac, and astrology image beach, water, and sea image