Hi!!! I'm hoping I can find friends here as I love this community and I love meeting new people :)

About Me-

-I'm 19
-I'm French
-I live in England
-I speak English and French fluently (bilingual), Spanish and I'm currently learning Mandarin!
-University student studying languages! (Spanish and Mandarin)

My interests-


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I love to travel and discover new places, I'm actually going to China next year and hopefully Spain!

TV Shows and Movies

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I love all sorts of shows and movies some of them are: Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Merlin, The Good Place, Marvel and DC movies. Just a bit of everything, really!


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I love fashion and I love going shopping and I'm trying to learn more about the fashion industry and how to style properly, accessorize etc!


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Okay well, I love make-up and I basically love doing and trying new looks as well buying way too much of it and buying more! (whoops!) and I also love skincare and doing facemasks!

Languages (big shock, I know)

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I've loved languages ever since I was a child and am currently learning a fourth. However, I'd love to learn more such as Swedish, German and Japanese! So we can also share and learn about each other's language and culture!

Please feel free to message me on here or on my social media which I'll leave down below! Thank you for reading and I hope we can be friends!

Instagram- lorcane
Snapchat- lorcane2000
Twitter- couldbefrench