NAME: albus severus potter
NICKNAME: al, alby
BIRTHDAY: april 2, 2006
SIGN: aries


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brown hair, light eyes, thin, tall (fc: troye sivan)


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angsty teen, can be sarcastic and apathetic, can be thoughtful, kind, and hilarious, enjoys music and poetry.


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after several minutes of deliberation, albus was sorted into slytherin. at first, he hated being the outcast in his family, but he's grown to love being a slytherin.


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albus sticks to simple clothing styles, usually wearing sweaters or t-shirts. his green sneakers are a staple of his wardrobe and a subtle way for him to taunt his gryffindor siblings.


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albus' patronus is a snake, which his siblings taunt him for, calling him the true slytherin. he doesn't mind the snake, knowing that his housemates at school think it's brilliant.


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for albus, amortentia smells like firewhiskey, clean sheets, cinnamon rolls, and scorpius malfoy (he'd never admit the last one out loud. it'd inflate scorpius' ego too much)


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rose granger-weasley is al's best friend. since the weasley-potter families are so close, rose and albus have grown up together and make a pretty good team. rose is able to keep albus from going crazy, and vice versa.
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scorpius malfoy is al's other best friend and love interest. they've been great friends since they met on the hogwarts express but lately albus has been feeling different about him. they're both oblivious to the fact that they're in love with each other.
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alexander parkinson can be an asshole, but albus loves him. scorpius calls alex 'draco malfoy 2.0' and for good reason. he's spoiled and a bit mean, but he's fiercely loyal to albus and their friends.