Day 23: A letter to someone, anyone.

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So actually I wanted to do stuff like this for a week maybe already. Is it coincidence that the topic for today is this, haha? So let's begin...

Dear someone,

I am chilling in my balcony right now with a golden light bulbs, just finishing my cup of coffee for today and to say honestly, I am enjoying life right now. I write this not with intention to make you feel like shit, but to encourage you enjoy little things an just give a little more fucks to life.

Like a couple of days ago, I was in a shitty place, I could just cry out of nowhere, I over thought a lot of things which where completely stupid and I just wasted my time and emotions. So yeah, look at me now, bitches, how it can all change just in a blink of an eye. So, anyone who may read this, don't lose hope, please. Do it for yourself and for me.

Another thing I want you to get into your head: any crush you have right now and that isn't going quite the way you want to... Don't think about that at all. I mean chances are he needs you more than you do. We just tend to be more attached. You survived all this time without him, so what stops you now to do the same? Fuck all those, who do not give you the attention you deserve.

Also, people... We have to learn to love ourselves first. Others def notice when we are not comfortable in our skin and some of them takes advantage of that. And it def sucks! How can we trust someone when we don't even trust ourselves? Fuck all those discomforts, insecurities. That's what makes us US. I have a lot of scars, not clear skin, thunder hips and tights but fuck that. I am so tired to constantly try to please others and just compensate myself from all impurities I may have. Because no one have to do that! we all are amazing just the way we are. We have to put this deep into our heads and hearts. When we are easy on ourselves and love ourselves, life becomes so easy.

Lastly, enjoy the moment... I often would catch myself being somewhere else than in the moment. Yesterday I met with some friends and I had a blast. I really tried to be in the moment, listen, be active, communicate and enjoy all of them. It was a pleasure to be honest. So I suggest you to do the same. When you go out, just enjoy. Leave your phone away from yourself. Don't think about problems, crushes, insecurities of yours and all that crap. It can all wait. Or you can decide not to waste your precious time on earth thinking about this stuff.

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Jesus, life would be so much easier if we go easy on ourselves first. It would all fall into places and we could achieve everything we want, honestly. I know it is hard to achieve and so easy to forget and maintain our lifestyle, but let's try together. For ourselves!

Your loving and caring,


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