Is there anything better than music to celebrate the sun? Absolutely not! So here I am sharing some summery songs with you.


Pentagon- Summer

Pentagon released another amazing mini-album and choosing one song to recommend was such a pain; every song they make is just amazing!

Make sure to check out the album; you'll enjoy it a lot!

WookSeok & KuanLin- I am a Star

This is a collaboration of two rappers! Pentagon's Wooseok and wanna one's KuanLin. Although the song was released early in spring, I think it has summer's energy!

Ateez- Wave

Ateez debuted in late 2018 and since then, they've been releasing great pops.

Verivery- From Now

A newly debuted group that deserves all the love!

DongKiz- Nom

2019 is surely the year or rookie groups! Dongkiz debuted this spring with a colorful song.

Get to know the members, and read this!

B.I.G- 1.2.3
This is not a newly debuted group. B.I.G released their first song back in 2014 yet still working their way up to fame.
1.2.3 is a song from 2017, but I think it goes well with this playlist!

A Side Note: If you speak Arabic or you're just interested in Arabic music, their Arabic covers will blow your mind!

Onewe- 0&4

This band was named MAS 0094 with five members back in 2015. They re-debuted this year with the name Onewe

They sing and play their music. Whether you want to listen to ballad or pop, they got you covered!


1Ateam- Vibe

I am including this song a second time because, clearly, I am basically obsessed with it!

Lady why you look so mad? I don't want you to be sad.

IN2IT- Sorry For My English

This is a catchy song that will play in your head for a long time!

Spectrum- After Party

Let's party with this!

The Boyz- Keeper

These boys shine with talent and passion! If you don't believe me, listen to this!

Things that hurt you, people who hit your nerve. I'll protect you by hovering around you to remove them!

The Boyz got your back; so remember to enjoy your summer the fullest with your loved ones allowing only the good vibes to come in!

You can listen to this playlist on youtube

Photo cover belongs to @Stella_Hiver

May this playlist add some more colors to your summer! 🎈