as a coffee devotee, i had begun the search for my first job as a barista (or something similar to one) earlier this year, as my 16th birthday was in april. i applied at dunkin donuts, as well as target and panera bread, hoping to make coffee or food on a daily basis and get paid for it (which was a new concept to me because i'd never had a source of income before). once i began training at dunkin, i realized that it was far from what i would call a "dream job"... here are some of the reasons why i laugh, cry, contemplate quitting, and keep brewing the beans regardless, as a crew member at dunkin donuts...

the pros

1) freeeee coffeeeee

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mmmm welllll, not exactly... if we mess up a drink or are able to sneak one to the back without the shift leader noticing (shh lmao), we can drink it :)

2) having experience in food and customer service for future jobs/applications

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most places will recognize the fact that you were hired by a nationally respected corporation, who complete thorough background checks, and consider you a responsible candidate for hiring

3) learning different kinds of drinks and finding your favorite

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personally, iced espresso drinks are my absolute vice. my favorite drink to make and to drink is a plain iced macchiato. lattes are too bland but i can fw iced coffees depending on my vibe.

4) the customersss <333

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i lovelovelovee answering questions to ensure your drink is perfectly the way you like it, regardless of complexity. but please don't yell at me :) i'm someone's kid, too, ya know?

the cons

1) working drive thru is a mess and causes stress :)))

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when customers take FOREVER to order and then proceed to ORDER MORE AT THE WINDOW, our timer reflects that the employees took too long for that specific order, and this can actually get our manager in trouble :( not cute.

2) our machines break down. i can't do anything about it, dude, sorry

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this happens almost everyday and since customers have no clue what they're drinking, the phrase "our espresso machine is down" becomes useless when you ask me to make you a latte instead of your machhiato :///

3) we run out of stuff, as does every restaurant ever. periodt.

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please, i repeat, pleaseeeee do not take it out on me if we ran out of the specific donut holes you like. i assure you, it's a bigger problem for me than it is for you. OF COURSE i'll offer you a similar food, but i'm not facebook, don't use me to relieve your petty issues, and to make you feel better about yourself.


i'd say my experience working at dunkin has been beneficial to my resume (as well as my social skillz hehe) buuut it has been a source of stress and worry, on occasion. i enjoy encountering different types of people on a daily basis and finding what i like, as well as the different types of people i find it easy/difficult to work with.

ty so much for listening xx ilyyyyy