Thursday, 8 August. 2019
12:39:28 AM

How are you? I finally dared to write to you...even when I know you will never reply or even look at my messages, but I want to write as I use to in the old days.

I got to know you had an event today. My Instagram feed is filled with your pictures. Even though I wasn’t there, I wish I was there to see you in person. I want to know how would it be like to be close to you.
Hear your laughter. Talking. 

But it seems to be a waste to think about it because I don’t think I would be brave enough to walk up to you and stood in front of you and knowing the fact you will be seeing me only. Head off to all girls who could do that because I could never. 

Even if I see you somewhere in public I know I would choose to ignore you. Pretend not to know you at all. 

I think my heart would bust from beating too fast. It’s crazy. I know but I am not a sasaeng. I am a normal girl living a simple life. I am just someone who is loving you from far and that is enough for me.

Write now I am listening “I like me better” by LAUV. I just finished my workout. I am waiting for the next YouTube video of yours. It feels like it’s been ages since your last upload. 

Rest well. 

My younger sister got hurt. I am planning to start fasting from today till Sunday because Eid is on Monday.