Who has influenced you in your life? It could be a family member or friend. It could be someone who doesn’t even know you exist. Maybe you’ve never seen that person again in your life. And sometimes it’s the little things they’ve said and/or done.

You are that person to someone else. You have affected someone whether they have told you or not. Since the day you were born, you’ve been affecting people.

We can influence people’s decisions, views on life, and even their view of God. This is why we have to be careful about what we say or do. It makes a huge difference.

I, for one, was told that I influenced someone else.

I go to a very nice church that has so many opportunities for volunteering. I, myself, volunteer in production (we handle the lyrics on the screen, lights, and sound) and in the nursery with the babies.

One day, when we were having what I’ll call a small group meeting, I talked about how it’s okay to be yourself because who you are can bring people to God as well. At my church, we have a lot of outgoing people. I am not as outgoing and extraverted as some. So I just mentioned that even if you aren’t the “exciting” and “flamboyant” type, you could still make people feel at home and on fire for God.

A girl in the group spoke up and told me that my chill personality and realness about volunteering made her feel that it would be a good idea to volunteer with kids too. She liked that I wasn’t forceful or overly animated and found it to be more encouraging that I was relaxed about it.

This girl now runs the kindergarten-5th grade (Sunday school) lessons and is at church multiple times a week. She’s changing kids’ lives.

Now, I’m not taking credit for what God has done, but God used me and my personality to inspire her to try something that now she’s doing every Sunday and in the future will do as a career.

You can and might have already, influenced someone in this way. Who you simply are in Christ could motivate and influence someone to try something that changes their lives and consequently other people’s lives that they interact with.

You get to be a small part of someone else’s testimony. That’s so cool.

We have so much influence and we don’t always see it. That’s why we need to always stay in the Word to be full of the spirit so the things we do will affect others positively.

Remember, someone is always watching.