Hi everyone! I decided to make this article because I really like Marvel and I find it fun to think about a new character that didn’t exist before in the #MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Character’s description

  • Female
  • 16 years old
  • She was born and lives in Mexico
  • She is a polyglot. She speaks Spanish, English, Russian, Italian, Turkish and German
  • She is gifted. She has a very high intellectual capacity, which makes her learn and memorize things easily*

*This is oblivious to her super powers.


  • Her name is Eva
  • Family and friends call her Eva
  • She doesn’t have a superhero name and she doesn’t want to have it


  • Calm
  • Nonviolent. She doesn’t fight unless innocent people are in danger
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Realistic
  • Thinker
  • Intuitive
  • Cooperative
  • Organized
  • Brave


  • Light color skin
  • Thin
  • Dark brown wavy hair
  • Dark brown eyes


Eva doesn’t have a style. She doesn’t think about what to wear but she doesn’t dress badly.

Super powers

  • Telekinesis; she can move all-sizes objects without touching them*
  • Eva can give you severe headaches of different types and stun you or knock you out for many minutes (even hours).* This depends a lot on the level of power with which she does it. It can be from a simple (but painful) migraine, to a stroke that can be deadly
  • Eva is intangible. She has a permanent invisible force field around her body all the time; she was born with it. No one or anything can harm her, and if someone dares to do so, the damage will be received by the attacking person or thing. But nevertheless, Eva is able to touch any thing or any person and she can be touched, as long as the purpose is not to hurt*
  • Eva can also share when she wants her force field to other people who are nearby, or generate another for other people*

*When she does this, her hands have around them a kind of very fair lilac brightness. Yet, her hands are not the ones that shine, but the brightness surrounds them; therefore, as her hands don’t shine, they can be seen, even if they have a little sparkle, because of the latter.

*Her eyes shine the same color as the glow around her hands, but her iris and pupil are still seen.

*That’s the best part of her super powers, which detects when she is attacked and when she is not.

*When this happens, the force field, whether shared or generated by her, is no longer invisible.


Eva was born in Mexico on October 8, 2004.* Her parents realized she had super powers when she was just a baby. She is the youngest of her siblings. She has two older siblings named Samuel and Olivia. They are 21 and 18, respectively.

Her parents told her that when she was a baby she made her bottle levitate in the air without grabbing it and when she did that, she got brightness around her hands.

Because of this, her parents couldn’t get her out of the house until she was aware of this, as they feared that something like that could happen and people would make a fuss.

Her parents couldn’t allow that, even if people knew there were others with super powers, since they were going to think that her parents were mutants or something else who pretended to be humans.

Besides, who wouldn’t be afraid of having a daughter who is 100% theirs and not having super powers or relatives with super powers? It actually makes life a little harder to carry out.

Moreover, Eva doesn’t go to school because her parents say that the environment in schools is toxic and they teach many useless things that we forget when we grow up.

When she was at the age to start kindergarten, her parents hired tutors to teach her the most important things a child should know.

When she turned 9, her parents started to teach her more important and useful topics at home, such as economics, values, health, psychology and so on.

Eva meets people apart from her family when she goes with her mom or dad to work.

She also has a personal self-defense trainer named Carla who goes to Eva’s house to teach her how to fight and defend herself. Carla also has children and friends who get along very well with Eva.

Eva has become an expert in close combat despite her young age thanks to her magnificent teacher, even if she doesn’t need to know that for her safety since her super powers are more than enough to protect herself.

It should be kept in mind that the identity of her parents is unknown since she has never said it before.

Beyond that, the surprising thing here is that she is not mutant or alien. She was born with her super powers and it’s unknown how that could be possible.

You might think: “She probably has the X-Gene” but no, she doesn’t have the X-Gene. Her parents managed to do a research to know this, and it turned out negative.

It is thought that she’s most likely to be the first of a new human species that has nothing to do with the X-Gene. However, there is still no clear explanation.

It needs to be clear that a few know about her super powers. Only her parents, siblings and best friend.

*Her current life is located at the end of 2020, so she already turned 16.

*Carla is one of Eva’s parents’ best friends and one of the people to whom they have more confidence.

That’s all for now!

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