picnics in a meadow, in the forest, or at the park; laughing with friends; warmth of the sun; sweet and juicy fruits; picking wildflowers; daydreaming while sunbathing

1. Saw You In A Dream - The Japanese House

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2. Dreams Tonite - Alvvays

bike, flowers, and nature image picnic, green, and nature image

3. Driving to Hawaii - Summer Salt

aesthetic, picnic, and green image beautiful, flowers, and garden image

4. Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

aesthetic, blue, and hat image aesthetic, food, and picnic image

5. Harvey - Her's

picnic, aesthetic, and green image picnic, nature, and love image

6. summer depression - girl in red

soft image art image

7. Home - Cavetown

picnic, flowers, and green image dream+home image

8. Bags - Clairo

girl, aesthetic, and fashion image aesthetic, red, and nature image

9. Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens

nature, picnic, and plaid image nature, picnic, and aesthetic image

10. Lemon Boy - Cavetown

lemon, fruit, and yellow image fashion, fruit, and girl image

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