We stan unproblematic comedian kings and queens

1.Dolan Twins

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They are verry funny and entertaining. Very good content and long videos. They stay out of drama and they are unproblematic. Very successful and very humble. The greatest part is that there are two of them!

2. Jenn Mcallister

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An OG youtuber that still has unique and fun ideas for her videos. Also known as Andie Fixler from the youtube original show "Foursome". Very funny and relatble. She isn't afraid to get real in her videos. A talented actress and writer. She is super underrated

3. Emma Chamberlain

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The queen of youtube. Although she is only 18 years old she is more successful than most youtubers. Her editing syle has inspired many creators. She is real, authentic and relatable. Her videos are extremely entertaining and always funny. She has her own podcast and has attented two Louis Vuitton fashion shows.

4.Shane Dawson

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The king of youtube. He is aslo an OG youtuber. He is mostly known for his conspiracy theory videos and his documentaries with controversial youtubers ( Jake paul, Jeffree star, Tana mongeau ). He puts a lot of effort to create really good content. Very humble and never talks about his fame and money.

5. Antonio Garza

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She is extremely funny and real. She dosn't put a fake personality on the internet and she is relatable. She is ony 16 years old and has over 3.4 million subscribers. Very talented makeup artist. Never gets involved in drama.