Helloooo, long time no seee! It's been a while since i've last written an article and i came across this tag casually, and thought it might be fun! โ€

Please keep in mind that this is purely for the fin of it! No one is perfect or is expected to be! โ€

I got the inspiration from hereโ†ด

Question 1.
a man that is adventurous or reliable?

travel, nature, and mountains image boy, eyes, and tumblr image
Both! I would love someone that likes to travel an experience new things with me, but also someone that i can put my trust in 110% and know will be there for me.

Question 2.
dad material or a career chaser?

baby, boy, and boys image abroad, career, and guidance image
Hmmm.... probably someone that is more dad material i guess. Someone that is still ambitious and love their work, but will put their family first!

Question 3.
dog or cat person?

Image removed animal, cute, and dog image
I'm more a dog person myself, but i honestly don't care what he would prefer, as long as he's an animal lover in general.

Question 4.
rich in money or rich in mind and soul?

money, pink, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
It's more important for me that he's rich in mind and soul! Him having money would just be an added bonus.

Question 5.

Image removed 90s, aesthetic, and jason priestley image
I really wouldn't care what religion he is, or what beliefs he has. I would respect whatever it may be, as long as he also respects mine.

Question 6.

wonho, monsta x, and kpop image Image removed
I don't care about nationality or ethnicity, as long as he's a decent human being that treats others well, and has a good personality.

Question 7.
smiling with his mouth or eyes?

noah centineo, boy, and smile image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I'm a sucker for a genuine smile!!

Question 8.
full or thin lips?

Temporarily removed ulzzang, asian, and boy image
Uhh, somewhere in between thin and full... I'm somewhere in between full and thin myself, so having someone with similar lips would be nice i guess.

Question 9.
sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?

boy, gay, and guy image boyfriend, couple, and flirty image
Sarcastic and witty!! I'm extremely sarcastic myself and i love when a guy can match that and when they can make me laugh! Also i'm not that sensitive or romantic myself and i hate most romantic (cringy things), so yeah no...

Question 10.
facial hair?

bts, jungkook, and namjoon image theo james, divergent, and four image
I don't mind a bit of stubble (like Theo has in the b&w pic), but a full on beard, i'm not really a fan of that.

Question 11.
funny or serious?

cole sprouse, cole, and riverdale image johnny depp, 90s, and boy image
Both! I want someone that can make me laugh, but also be serious when the time calls for it!

Question 12.
tall or short?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It couple and love image
I'm tall myself, so i would rather have him be my height or taller than me.

Question 13.
eye colour?

boy, eyes, and blue image eyes, eye, and boy image
I honestly wouldn't care what eye color he has! But i do have a weakness for blue and brown eyes!

Question 14.
smart or hard working?

army, awards, and glasses image coffee and working image

Question 15.
boy in soul or manly and serious?

leonardo dicaprio, boy, and dicaprio image bts, taehyung, and v image
Bot both both! Someone that can manage both is really attractive!

Question 16.
short, medium or long hair?

i.m, kpop, and changkyun image army, fashion, and k pop image
Medium! I don't like when it gets either too short or too long to the point where he can make a ponytail or small bun.

Question 17.
hair colour?

got7, jinyoung, and park jinyoung image asian boy, boy, and pink image
Any color! idc.

Question 18.

boy and cameronboyce image eyes, blue eyes, and boy image
Freckles are honestly sooo adorable! So yes, why not.

Question 19.
long fingers or wide palms?

boys, fingers, and goals image female, hands, and light image
Just someone with bigger hands than me is so attractive! Also manly hands asdfghjkl!

Question 20.
perfect teeth and smile?

Image removed bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image
I love a good and genuine smile, like i stated before.

Question 21.
noticeable veins on arms/hands?

aesthetic, black, and boy image Image by gaia
Ugh this i tough! I'm really not bothered by it, as long as it's not like too much all the time! But other then that, yes!

Question 22.
wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time?

fashion, yellow, and boy image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Both. It really doesn't matter to me, bot are really attractive.

Question 23.

wonho, monsta x, and lee hoseok image black and white, blond hair, and boy image
Uhhh can you say, yes please!

Question 24.
wide shoulders or abs?

abs, aesthetic, and asian image abs, archive, and body image
Can you hear me cry abs? (But not too to much lol)

Question 25.
loves to dance or cook/bake?

1995, artist, and dancer image Image removed
I can cook and bake pretty well and i can't dance for sh*t, so probably someone that can dance and teach me a few moves lol.

Question 26.
loves playing video games or sport?

athletic, boyfriend, and Dubai image boy, fitness, and football image
Hmm, it wouldn't matter really. But i'm more likely to watch or play sports than video games. All though i do enjoy a good video game once in a while.

Question 27.
wears watches or rings?

classy, fashion, and male image tattoo, boy, and guy image
No preference! Both are really nice.

Question 28.
loves taking you to restaurants or for walks?

air, chile, and hippie image Image by larksings
I enjoy being outside, so i would rather him taking me on really nice and long walks! Instead of spending a lot of money in a restaurant.

Question 29.
sweet tooth or crazy about savory food?

candy, heart, and red image red, aesthetic, and lollipop image
I have a sweet tooth myself, but i would care what he preferred lol, as long as i still get my chocolate.

Question 30.

tattoo, boy, and man image tattoo, boy, and body image
Tattoos are extremely attractive! But i preference black and white tattoos, and also not overly many...


Thank you for reading! This was really fun to do actually!

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