Dear you,
I know it's summer but also during this season there are some rainy days you know? ahah. Here in Italy today is raining and I'm listening to some new music which calms me down and I thought to write an article about it cause it is so underrated and you deserve the chance to listen to these quiet masterpieces🌟

Let's play it softly!

→ Lvr Boy - awfultune

→ Perfectly wrong - Shawn Mendes

flowers, aesthetic, and book image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image

→ listen before i go - billie eilish

→ hospital - awfultune

aesthetic, bandage, and cute image aesthetic, exit, and white image

→ Cringe - Matt Maeson

→ Acoustic - Billy Raffoul

guitar image girl and music image

→ Elise - The Greeting Committee

→ Coastline - Hollow Coves

beach, vintage, and couple image sky, aesthetic, and nature image

→ Holocene - Bon Iver

→ YEAH RIGHT - joji

aesthetic, antidepressants, and anxiety image pink, aesthetic, and pills image

→ boys will be girls - awfultune

→ skinny love - Bon Iver

art, beautiful, and bodies image back, boys, and chicos image

That's all for now, have a good rainy day with this playlist in the background 🙃

xoxoElisa in case you wanted more ;)

in case you were interested ;)