// Back to school: A Lookbook //

Hello, lovely readers! 💖 Thank you for deciding to read my article. 🤞 Just as the title says, I'm going to present to you a few outfits you can wear, to look stylish and overall good, in school. 🎀 These are going to be late summer/ early fall outfits. 🌻🍂
Let's start!

Outfit N°1

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A soft, more pastel colored, sweatshirt, paired with a black tight fitting skirt. For accesoires go with a small watch and some small earrings. A pair of white sneakers and white scrunched up socks would look good with this.

Outfit N°2

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A pair of blue skinny jeans, a yellow/black/white striped top and checkered Vans with white socks.

Outfit N°3

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A colorful, vibrant , tight fitting sweatshirt and a denim overall. A pair of white sneakers would look good with this outfit as well.

Outfit N°4

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A graphic tee, blue mom jeans, a black belt and white sneakers with matching socks.

Outfit N°5

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A red hoodie, black leggings, Vans and a blue denim jacket.

Sooo, that's it, I hope you liked my article and leave a like. 😊🎀 I'm sorry for any spelling- or grammar mistakes. English isn't my mother tongue. 🌍

Lot's of love, Linda 💖

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