eye colour

animal, blue, and cat image makeup, aesthetic, and blue image

hair colour

long hair, light brown hair, and light brown image hair, brunette, and hairstyle image
light brown

favourite features on myself

makeup, blue, and glitter image Temporarily removed
eyes & boobs & hair

introvert x extrovert

angel, aesthetic, and grunge image sky, aesthetic, and clouds image


aesthetic, architecture, and art image indie, like, and photography image


besties, bffs, and friendship image girl, beach, and summer image
older sister

single or taken

couple, love, and goals image aesthetic, couple, and follow image
taken for over a year

zodiac sign

art, astrology, and b&w image tattoo and capricorn image

celebrity crush

Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image Harry Styles, one direction, and black and white image
Harry Styles

favourite smell

book, aesthetic, and reading image autumn, fall, and forest image
the smell of a new book & wood

favourite treat of myself

couple, crush, and emotions image Temporarily removed