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I am this kind of Girl who always had long Hair.My Friends are always asking me how my Hair grows and how they are still so healthy.

My Hair Collection:

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My Hair Colour(first pic.) My hair length(secound pic.)

Letยดs just start!

Step one

Brush your hair every morning when you go to school or work!
I brush my hair every day. so I dont get any knots or anything. I have heard and also see it from many of my friends that they don't brush their hair. First of all it doesn't look good. Secondly they get knots. I have already heard that they don't brush because of this but how do you want to remove the knots?

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Im sorry if you have curly hair. i donยดt know anything about it.

Step two

Braid your hair! I used to braid my hair every day, so I also had thicker hair. Now I have much thinner hair, because I often leave my hair open. With open hair you loose so many hairs during the day you just don't notice it. Furthermore, many harmful things come when you're out in your open hair.But with braided hair they are protected. And you can learn it I learned it myself!

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Step three

Oil your hair! I oil my hair with sesame, argan and Olive oil every time before I take a bath... and massage it into my head. It stimulates the head and makes our hair grow faster. The hair that grow will also be strong and healthy. I make the tips very smooth with oil and mostly when I notice that my hair have suffered a lot. I make myself a bun and then leave the whole thing about one to 5 hours inside sometimes even longer.

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Step four

Cut your hair!
I cut my hair very rarely because my tips mostly don't splinter. I cut them every 3 months. But if your hair splits you should cut them. I don't cut much and never let my hair cut at the hairdresser. I think then half of your hair is already gone. I cut about 5 centimeters

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Step Five

Don't use heat so often!
like straightening iron or curling iron. I use a hairdryer. you can let your hair air dry and if you braid it you will have waves.

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