there are three things in this world,
that could hit you more than a


it was never a happy one,
it's all just a subtle lie so that
you could live your life to the fullest.

it's so subtle,
that you think without love,
you couldn't live.

and it has been inside our mind,
it turned into a mindset,
that love is everything.

but little did we know,
it's so toxic until we're addicted to it.

expectation means hope,
hope means drawing some scene
in our minds
that you wish it would come true.
it's so toxic when you expect too much,
it breaks you.

you can't control them,
no matter how many times
for you to stop them,
your mind could easily manipulate them.

when there's an expectation,
there's a reality.

now this,
you're not allowed to against them.

reality wins,
reality hurts,

the reality was never a good friend,
with expectation.

how to deal with it?
you just have to suck it up,
chin up,
live it to the fullest.

it hurts right?
i know,
but you gotta hang on love.