Hi guys, it`s been a while since the last time I wrote an article. So summer has finally arrived, and oh my God, I'm so excited for new experiences and adventures this year. The last few days I spent some time with my family and friends, but it was so hot that we can't do that much. On days where it was over 30 degrees, I just stayed at my place, watched movies and listened to music. Sad but true. Ok enough from myself. Let's get this article started

Stop, before I start, I must let you know that English isn't my native language. Just tell me if you see some mistakes

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My must-haves are acoustic sounds. I love the feeling of driving home with good relaxing music

Check it out here

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I love the sound of water and the ocean. I recognized that it helps me to fall asleep easier. Just listen to it, if you don't need to pee, because of the sound.

Playlists I love

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Tropic and animal sounds are so great
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Lets set the dancefloor on fire
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Songs I can't live without
That's it, guys. Thank you so much for reading this little peace. I would love to hear some of your feedback
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