Hello lovers!
Today I'll be talking about shoes!
I love them, you love them, my bunny loves to chew on them!
Shoes are, in my humble opinion the key to a great outfit.
Whether you like them flat or 6 inch heels, they do make a difference when choosing wisely.
Without further due let's get started!

1.Black booties

boots, denim, and jeans image Temporarily removed fashion, shoes, and boots image Temporarily removed

2.White sneakers

Balenciaga, fashion, and sneakers image street style, white, and bag image fashion, shoes, and adidas image fashion, girls, and jeans image


shoes, fashion, and black image denim, shoes, and style image black, dress, and fashion image fashion and shoes image


beauty, dress, and fashion image puma, adidas, and shoes image diy, do it yourself, and fashionlush image shoes, fashion, and gucci image

5.Strappy heels

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6.Black pumps

Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and gucci image black, shoes, and cigarette image fashion, style, and black image

7.Nude heels

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8.Knee boots

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Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by mystyle fashion, chloe, and shoes image sandals, wedges, and summer shoes image

10.Slip on sneakers

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As always thank you so much for reading my article.
I love you all so, so much xoxo Eli