Hey! It's been a long time but I'm back with a new article from the Fashion Series: Lookbooks and this time I decided to include the 2019 summer trends!

I would only like to say that you don't need to have the latest and trendy clothes to feel accepted by the fashion world. If you feel like you are the most powerful, beautiful, important and cutest girl in the world...then that's the only thing that matters. 🖤

By writing this article, my goal is to give everyone a few summer outfit inspo (at least I hope it does)! So, without further ado...let's get into it!


First of all, there's a few overall summer trends that can be applied to any piece of clothing. And those trends are based on the colours, patterns and fabrics.

» C o l o u r s:

From what I've been noticing, the bright and solid colours are back and you can expect some bomb and vibrant outfits. The colours that are in are green mint, lilac, pink and yellow.

fashion, style, and girl image fashion, mint, and spring image dress, fashion, and mint green image fashion, dress, and style image
Personally, my favorite are the green mint and yellow since they are soft and fresh colours to be used during this summer.

» P a t t e r n s:

Although this is the year of solid and bright colours, there's still some patterns that you can find in clothing. And those are floral and plaid! I usually find these patterns more in dresses and I'm here for it!

Image removed bag, fashion, and summer image
It adds a cute little touch to your clothes!

» F a b r i c s:

This year you'll also be able to find two predominant fabrics in clothing: linen and silk. And they are just what you need for your summer looks - light-weight, easy breezy, casual and also perfect for any occasion, whether by day or night!

clothes, kfashion, and linen image chic, girl, and look image beige, clothes, and dress image fashion, dress, and white image
Whether it's dresses or pants, it's a great choice for your summer look.


Since I've already talked about the overall trends, let's move on to the actual summer lookbook + 2019 trends:


Be on the lookout for sandals and strappy heels with toe separation (like the black sandal below)! They are the perfect addiction to a basic casual outfit to spice it up. Or you can also pair them with a flowy dress and you'll have the perfect girly look!

fashion, shoes, and sandals image shoes, fashion, and heels image fashion, shoes, and style image chic, clothing, and fashion image
Super confy and pratical!


If you're more of a sneaker kinda girl, then you can add a cute little touch to your summer outfits by using cute,fun and unique socks.

Temporarily removed Image removed shoes, aesthetic, and flowers image socks, sushi, and white image
These are the CUTEST.



This year there is no way you can go wrong with dresses! You have suitable dresses for every and each style: Maxi and midi dresses; vintage and floral dresses; linen and silk dresses. Regardless of which dress you choose, you will always be perfect and look super cute and girly. 🖤

- Maxi and Midi:

Image removed asian, asian fashion, and fashion image Image removed asian, asian fashion, and fashion image
These style of dresses are so confortable and flowy!

- Vintage and Floral:

dress, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, dress, and soft image Image by Yasmine Mestouri fashion, dress, and outfit image
You can't have a summer without floral dresses.

- Linen and Silk:

asian, asian fashion, and fashion image fashion, style, and aesthetic image fashion, green, and dress image asian, asian fashion, and fashion image
Silky dresses all summer? Sign me in.

- Other styles:

fashion, white, and outfit image fashion, dress, and white image dress, fashion, and fashion inspiration image fashion, dress, and style image fashion, style, and dress image asian, asian fashion, and fashion image dress, korean fashion, and summer image asian, asian fashion, and fashion image
Ugh, I love dresses.



If this is the year of flowy and long dresses, then it is also the year to get confortable and cute with some beautiful skirts. Instead of skin tight short denim skirts, you should wear long/midi flowy skirts since this summer is all about that! But, that doesn't mean you can't wear a shorter skirt from time to time and if that's more your style...then go for it. Also, skorts are back and stronger than ever!! Wow, I was so happy to see that one of my favorite clothing pieces from my childhood was back in trend!

- Long and Midi flowy:

fashion, aesthetic, and style image bag, chanel, and fashion image asian fashion, casual, and clothes image fashion, korean, and minimal image fashion, korean, and girl image asian, asian fashion, and fashion image
I swear, this is the best for summer when it comes to being confortable and fresh.

- Mini:

aesthetic, food, and style image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image Temporarily removed asian fashion, asian girl, and clothes image
You can style mini skirts in so many ways!

- Plaid:

aesthetic, alternative, and art image fashion and outfit image outfit image outfit, fashion, and style image
Oh, how I love plaid...

- Skorts:

Image by sila's fashion, outfit, and style image



Yes, I know that in summer we're supposed to wear cooler clothes because of the heat, but even in summer we can have chilly days and cold nights. And to save us from this situation, we have my favorite style of pants: Palazzo pants. It's the best if you still wanna look cute, even in the cold summer nights.

fashion, coffee, and outfit image Temporarily removed blogger, fashion, and look image fashion, style, and clothes image fashion and style image Image removed
I love these soooo much!



If you feel more comfortable wearing shorts and still want to look chic and cute, then the best option for you is the tailored shorts. They are effortlessly polished and super useful during summer's hottest months. You can wear them teamed with a matching blazer or try them with a blouse tucked in - either way, you'll look great!

fashion, outfit, and ootd image aesthetic, minimalism, and minimalist image aesthetic, korea, and korean image clothes, fashion, and minimalist image
Linen shorts are a MUST.


°• TOP:

It's no joke when I say that there is so many options for this summer matching every person style! Croptops are still a thing and you'll probably going to see them for a looong time; silky blouses and tops - I swear, silk is the best fabric when it comes to staying fresh, cute and polished all at the same; puff shoulders, yes pleaseee; and last but not least, the cutest detail you could have in your crops or/and sleeves is frills!

- Croptops:

Temporarily removed fashion, yellow, and style image Temporarily removed crop, denim, and fashion image
You can style them in so many different ways.

- Silk:

fashion, style, and chic image blouse, fashion, and silk image fashion, clothes, and style image accessories, beauty, and clothes image
Silk, silk, silk, silk~

- Puff Shoulders:

Image by 🍁 fashion, girl, and outfit image architecture, beige, and luxury image fashion, girl, and style image
Puff all the way!

- Frills:

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed asian, asian fashion, and fashion image
It's all about the details!



Jumpsuits are also hitting the streets in 2019. They are a great piece to try to find in your favorite vintage or resale shops and you can find so many cool options. Style your jumpsuits the same way you would style your jeans: dress them up and down with everything from sneakers and combat boots to heels. And don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite accessories.

summer, jumpsuits, and summerfashion image dress, fashion, and short hair image asian, casual, and fashion image asian, asian fashion, and fashion image
So comfy and easy to style~


°• BAGS:

Shoulder bags, mini bags, pearl bags, straw bags and eco/tote bags are here for summer 2019 and I'm LOVING IT! All these are super in trend and you can style them in so many ways. Personally I'm a ultimate fan of tote bags because they are so cute and you can find so many designs, shapes and sizes!

- Eco/Tote Bags:

aesthetic, beige, and bag image aesthetic, pink, and soft image aesthetic, soft, and minimalist image aesthetic, green, and flowers image
Love, love, love, love theeeeem!

» If you want to see more, I have a whole collection dedicated to eco/tote bags. Here:

- Other Bags:

aesthetic, fashion, and theme image fashion, bag, and green image fashion, bag, and aesthetic image bags, casual, and classy image Image removed etsy, transparent bag, and leather tote image girl and wicker basket image Temporarily removed style image aesthetic image fashion, pearls, and style image aesthetic, clothes, and style image
Bags and more bags~



If we're going to talk about jewelry in 2019, the code words are: gold, pearls, coins and shells. From necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings to hair clips, you can see in every each one of them gold, pearls, coins and shells (or anything ocean themed)! This year, the jewelry trends are on fire and I'm loving it (but I love everything)!!

- Rings:

ring and gold image rings, ring, and gold image rings, gold, and hand image Temporarily removed
Cute and little rings! They seem meaningless, but they compliment an outfit in so many ways.

- Necklaces:

» Simple:

bling, girls, and gold necklace image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed beautiful, gold, and jewelry image fashion, aesthetic, and girl image theme, aesthetic, and necklace image necklace, planet, and saturn image accessories, beautiful, and chic image
It's all about the little details~

» Coins:

necklace, gold, and jewelry image Image by a n a Image by 🥀🍃 jewelry, necklace, and gold image aesthetic, chic, and coins image fashion, outfit, and style image
Gorgeous yet simple.

- Gold:

Temporarily removed Image by Cris Figueiredo earrings, jewelry, and piercing image fashion, gold, and aesthetic image necklace, style, and fashion image accessories, asian, and beach image
Gold jewelry is my favourite!

- Shells:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, fashionista, and gold image Temporarily removed fashion, pretty, and style image Temporarily removed
I love everything related to the ocean!

- Pearls:

jewelry image aesthetic, beautiful, and beige image fashion, style, and clothes image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It jewelry and pearl necklace image fashion, gold, and jewelry image earrings, jewelry, and gold image
Pearls never lose their essence.

- Hair Clips:

Temporarily removed hair image Temporarily removed classy, gold, and hair clips image accessories, earrings, and beauty image hair, girl, and style image hair, style, and trend image chic, design, and hair clips image
The hair clips are a BIG trend this summer!


I hope you like this article and gives a lot of inspiration for your outfits! And remember, this article was to show the biggest trends of summer 2019. But you don't need to be on trend to be beautiful or to feel validated! 🖤

Have a nice summer!!

xoxo, グラシア