the new year 2019-2020 is coming and i can't wait to get back to all my activities.

my life is a game and my goals are :
- to become the person i want to be
- to succeed in my projects
to fail i must die physically or mentally

here are my (realistic) goals for this following year.


s t y l e

Image by Giovana Rafaela beautiful, dress, and fashion image Temporarily removed shalom image Temporarily removed Image by Ruth

i'd like to wear classier clothes but still mostly black and a bit boyish.

s p o r t

boxing, creed, and movie image wwe and eva marie image fitness, body, and abs image Temporarily removed

can't wait to do krav maga again. i'll finally start boxing. and obviously i'll keep doing push ups and sit ups, my everyday loves.

first aid

also can't wait to do posts at the civilian protection, to have the PSE1 and maybe PSE2 as well, to become a volonteer fighfighter, and also to have the BNSSA to be able work at the swimming pool and the beach.

w o r k i n g

i never worked before but i want to earn my OWN money so i'll have to move my ass. i would like to work in a hotel.

c a r

black, low, and r image car image

i have my driving licence and i drive my mum's car but i'd like to own mine.

t a t t o o

aesthetics, alternative, and black image eagle, girl tattoo, and tattoo image tattoo, beach, and girl image gangsta, inspo, and summer image

get a third tattoo?

n o v e l

darling, gif, and eiza gonzalez image colors image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cigarette, black and white, and smoke image

get my novel published? that seems fucked up and i'm not sure i would like to put my real name out there but who knows... it might actually happen.

f r i e n d s h i p

girl, best friends, and goals image black men, lance gross, and omari hardwick image

i don't see my bestfriends often and as a consequence i feel quite lonely sometimes. the challenge for me is that i'm different from people of my age. i don't party, drink or smoke, i wake up early and i do a lot of sport. i have to meet new interesting people who vibe with the way i live. and i'm sick of friendship with guys that always turn into more. i want guy friends okay??

q u o t e

Temporarily removed

the quote to live by that helps me a lot already.


to you who are reading this, you're on the right way to your dreams and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

much love,