Little Lies
By Fleetwood Mac
black and white, couple, and love image girl image
"Tell me lies Tell me sweet little lies (Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies) Oh, no, no you can't disguise"
By Ed Sheeran, ft. Young Thug & J Hus
quotes image couples, kiss, and cute image
"Ooh, I got the feels, yeah I waited most my life (ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing) For something real (you done knocked me right off of my feet) Baby, I got the feels for ya"
Wasteland, Baby!
By Hozier
boy and guy image fun, happy, and lunch image
"Wasteland, baby I'm in love I'm in love with you And I love too"
By Bazzi
red, love, and quotes image actors, boy, and cameron image
"Touchin' you slowly, love how you hold me I was a player, that was the old me"
I Don't Know You
The Marias
00s, 90s, and aesthetic image summer image
"There's a weight in my bed Where you laid and you said "I don't know you I don't know you"
By Ed Sheeran, ft. Travis Scott
black and motorcycle image Mature image
"So antisocial, but I don't care (yeah) Don't give a damn, I'm gonna smoke here (yeah, pop it)"
under the tuscan sun image nature and vintage image
"Bitches look at me like I am a jewel (like a jewel) I be posted wit' yo' bitch in the pool (in the pool) Blast off, wait (ah) Jet fuel (jet fuel)"
Beautiful People
By Ed Sheeran, ft. Khalid
drink, wine, and food image brunette, fashion, and girl image
"Champagne and rolled-up notes Prenups and broken homes Surrounded, but still alone Let's leave the party"
Falling For Ya
By Grace Phipps
adorable, cars, and couples image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"And now I'm Falling for ya, falling for ya I know I shouldn't but I I just can't stop myself from Falling for ya"
By Fleetwood Mac
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"Thunder only happens when it's raining Players only love you when they're playing"
50 Ways To Say Goodbye
By Train
amelia zadro, beauty, and model image book, reading, and sky image
"My pride still feels the sting You were my everything Some day I'll find a love like yours (a love like yours)"
Single Again
By Big Sean
quotes, motivation, and green image Image by charlinedbs
"I'm single again (single again) Told 'em we'll be better off friends (uh) Maybe I should just focus on me (on me) And slow down, don't rush romance"
Honey Moon
By Mac DeMarco
beach, couples, and hug image beach, blue, and nature image
Bubble Gum
By Clario
moon, pink, and sky image boat, couples, and hug image
"Sorry I didn't kiss you But it's obvious I wanted to Bubble gum down my throat and it's a curse But my luck couldn't get any worse"
To Build A Home
By The Cinematic Orchestra, ft. Patrick Watson
love, couple, and black and white image house, aesthetic, and nature image
"'Cause, I built a home For you For me Until it disappeared From me From you"
Cross Me
By Ed Sheeran, ft. Chance the Rapper + PnB Rock
quote and proud image couple, love, and romance image
"Anything she need, she can call me Don't worry 'bout her, that's my seed, yup, that's all me Just know, if you cross her, then you cross me Cross me, cross me, if you, if-"
No Guidance
By Chris Brown, ft. Drake
couple, kiss, and love image couple, fashion, and girl image
"I don't wanna play no games, play no games Fuck around, give you my last name (oh)"
By Fleetwood Mac
wandering, doyouwantthis, and that’s a trip image couple, love, and black and white image
"Oh I I want to be with you everywhere Oh I I want to be with you everywhere"