Humanity can be split into two categories: Realistics and Romantics.
The first half sails through the world in a pragmatic flow, and look at it as objective observant, seeing only geometric shapes and mathematic formulas.

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They close their hearts off and look at love as nothing more than a chemical reaction, and at art as a combination of methods to please the brain.

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They paint the canvas of their lives in deliberate strokes, with down-to-earth decisions and methodical actions.
Emotions are set aside as logics governs their existence.
Their heart is guarded by unbreakable cages.

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The other part of humanity is led by all the opposing forces.
The world is their movie set, the perfect scenario for a fantasy yet to be written.
Everywhere they go embraces colors that can be used in the canvas for a new storyline.

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They replace the brain with the heart and are guided by feelings and intuition.
They’re though to be naive, shallow-minded and impulsive.
Whatsoever they own the bravest of souls.

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They elevate their expectations of life at such a high level that an eminent fall is always present.
They dare to seek love in the worst of places manifesting the most exciting of storytellings and making their hearts an unsaved and easy target.

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Every day holds an endless role of possibilities for a hopeless romantic and life itself is the best romance of all.
They might get hurt, but then again, you’ll never learn how to fly if first, you don’t take the fall.

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