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Name:Genoveva Black
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She's from Norway and she's also Sirius Black's niece.
Blood Status:
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Her mother is Sirius's sister and her father is a muggle.
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Genoveva has pale skin, ocean eyes and short (almost) white hair .She has also a moon tattoo.
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She uses skirts, mom jeans, bib overalls, shorts, dresses but all in white, blue and gray tones.
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She's realy realy intelligent, she's one of the most (if not the most) intelligent students of Howgarts.She's also quiet and serene, so she doesn't have many friends.But when you know her, she's very sweet, she gets frustrated that people only know her for her intelligence.People ask her a lot to help with their works and study, she helps but when the work is done they pretend that she's invisible.
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Ravenclaw, no doubt.
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Her patronus is a white swan.
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She has a Siberian Husky called Neptune.
Things that she loves:
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She loves painting, astronomy, studying and watch the stars.
Favorite core classes:
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Favorite elective classes:
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Divination and Apparition;
* Favorite extra-curricular classes*:
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Muggle art
Favorite spells:
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Protego totalum;Expelliarmus;Wingardium Leviosa;Priori Incantatem;
Favorite professors:
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Her favorite professor is Minerva Mcgonagall.Professor Mcgonagall see an amazing potential in Genoveva.
Favortie places in hogwarts:
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Luna is kinda of her best friend, they both know how it feels to be lonely, they tell everything to each other.Hermione, Harry and Ron are also friends of her even if the're not together all the time, she know that she can count on them.
Yule ball:
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Love interest:
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Even if Genoveva is shy, she still has a brig crush on this boy.Patrick is one of the most popular boys of Hogwarts, he's also a ravenclaw, he's very intelligent, handsome and he's the captan of the ravenclaw quiditch team. Genoveva never said that liked him, but he heard her talking to Luna about him.So he asked her to go to Yule ball with him, of course she freaked ot and accepted it but the truth is that he was only playing with her, he appeared with someone else at the ball leaving Genoveva alone and crying on her first ball , but there's more...
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Francisco is a bad boy,but he's brave and he has a kind heart with people that he cares about.He has blond messy hair and somme tattos.He's a griffindor.At first, he was always messing with Genoveva because for him she was like a good girl.But then, on the Yule Ball he knew what happened to her and went after her, and he said:"Fuck him, there's a billion boys out there that would like to be your date...and I'm one...".Genoveva wasn't expecting but she went with him and it was a perfect night, and that's when her feelings start showing up...