'The world is a beautiful place.. everyone is unique..' No! Let me get this straight, the world isn't that beautiful. Yes everyone is unique in their own way and mind you, evil in their own way. So here the things i REALLY hate.

1) Calling My Life Perfect: Nah uh. No effing way is there a person with the perfect life. See I smile because you suckers don't need to know my life. YES!! This is reality. I am not the perfect character that has perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect body. NO! You just don't know me.

2)Judgement: Let me get this straight dear parents and dear teens, truth is NO ONE CARES!! You can wear anything you want,if you feel comfortable, that's what really matters. When your daughter wears a bikini in a high school party guess what? Nobody cares!! It's not like the fashion police will come and be like, 'You are arrested because you are wearing something too revealing.'
And I gotta mention this; just 'cause someone has got these scars on her arm doesn't mean (s)he's joining a cult! You never know what a person has gone through, or the situation that has made him/her so depressed that he/she feels the need to cut herself. You and your life should move your booty way over there in the corner, suck on your pacifier and shut the eff up! Don't be such a whiny baby.

3)I Made Out With This Guy: No Stacy, even if you made out with the hottest guy next to us, showing him off. Let me tell you a little secret. You know what, NOBODY CARES!! Even if the guy was so hot nobody cares, the least they will do is wish that it was them instead. (Unless it's Shawn and Camila)


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