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woah how long has it been? regardless I'm back with another article about school bag essentials. the entire aspect of SCHOOL can be stressful but having these items in the comfort of your bag can take a load off your chest.

main stuff;

- water bottle (preferably not plastic, save the planet!)
- pencil case
- gum/mints (for fresh breath)
- pack of wet/dry tissues

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- emergency money (an extra $20 can go a long way)
- earphones/airpods (so some tunes can accompany you on your ride home)
- deodorant/perfume (this can be really helpful especially after any physical activity)
- wallet (if you forgot your food you can always run to the canteen and get sumn)

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- lip balm (soft lips all day long)
- emergency bag
- hand sanitizer (school is a breeding ground for germs so a lil sanitizer before eating is hygienic and healthy!)
- hand lotion (school tends to dry out my hands for some reason so soft and hydrated hands ftw)

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- extra school supplies (colors, highlighter etc.)
- extra scrunchies/hair ties
- phone charger/power bank (incase you run out of battery!)

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well that about summarizes everything thats in my bag and what should be in YOUR bag. look forward to another article soon!!

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