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as the last articles were more serious, i wanted to fresh things up with a more shallow but fun topic: skincare hacks! :D

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before you get all excited and try to buy all of these things, here's a little disclaimer:
you don't need any of these tools to achieve great skin. seriously, these are just cool toys for skincare nerds. the only really effective one for people with legit skin issues like deep scars is microneedling and then you should probably have it done professionally.
so please don't feel like you need to buy and use a specific product to become as pretty as possible. that's not what this is about.
this stuff should be all about selflove and selfcare because it feels good to give your skin the attention that it deserves :)

my favourites:

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microneedling / dermaroller

rolling tiny needles over your face might sound a bit intimidating at first, but this tool is probably the most effective of all.

the tiny wounds in the skin promote collagen and elastin production so the revitalized skin is even healthier than before :)

it helps with...

  • acne scars
  • uneven skin
  • hyperpigmentation
  • wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • stretch marks

depending on your issue, the needle's length can range from 0,2mm up to 1,5mm.
i'm using 0,2mm (because i don't have deep scars) and i would recommend 0,25mm for beginners.

extra hack: using a serum after the treatment makes it way more effective because the ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin.
you can use serums with vitamin C or E, hyaluronic acid, allantoin or e.g. the serum "buffet" by the ordinary.

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"jade" roller

it certainly doesn't have to be jade, any kind of stone does the trick.
i'm using a rose quartz because i like the colour ;D

  • distributes lotions without tugging on the skin
  • cooling effect, helps with circulation and boosts glow
  • feels luxurious ;)

extra hack: put it in the fridge before using, that maximizes the cooling effect :)

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electric cleansing brush

  • effective cleaning, can reduce blackheads
  • massages skin, improves circulation
  • exfoliating effect
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dry brush

this one is used for the body, not for your face.
it's one of my selfcare rituals even though it can feel a bit harsh at first.
afterwards you feel so refreshed and your skin feels overall revitalized.

  • supports lymphatic system (drains toxins)
  • diminishes cellulite
  • promotes skin cell renewal
  • stimulates circulation
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blackhead remover

popping pimples and squeezing blackheads is bad for your skin - but so satisfying and addictive! so the solution is: a medical tool to get rid of clogged pores without damaging the skin.
i have one with a needle on one side to carefully pop the pimple and a loop on the other side to extract the sebum. highly recommended! :)

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silk pilowcase

silk is a very smooth material so it doesn't rub on your skin (might cause wrinkles) and doesn't rub on your hair (roughens the hair's surface).
also it makes me feel like a princess ;)

interesting stuff i haven't tried yet:

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face steamer

hot steam opens the pores and makes sebum more fluid and easier to get out.
but you can easily make this steam yourself by taking a hot shower or using hot water and a towel ;)

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gua sha (the stone tool on the right)

gua sha is part of the traditional chinese medicine, usually it's a kind of scraping on the back to relief pain. but there's also a facial gua sha treatment which is supposed to relax face muscles and therefore diminish tension and wrinkles.
also it improves circulation, supports the lymphatic drainage and therefore removes toxins and might help with dark circles.

if you have a chinese ceramic spoon at home you can try it out right now:

1. spray or tap toner on your face
2. apply a good organic oil so the tool slides well and doesn't cause wrinkles
3. use the round part of the spoon to stroke upwards or outwards
4. do every movement five times, use a finger to hold the skin at the starting point (no wrinkle risk)
5. softly wash the oil off, use a mild cleanser or toner and a cotton pad

i guess you should look for a video so you know what it's supposed to look like ;)

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light therapy

this uv light treatment might help with some skin conditions but there aren't sufficient studies to prove its effectiveness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

disclaimer noยฐ 2: if you use all of these tools excessively, there's a chance that you actually harm your skin by all the tugging, scrubbing, squeezing and exfoliating.
the more pressure and movement you apply to your skin, the easier you can get wrinkles.
so keep it easy and don't be aggressive towards your lovely skin ;)

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if you have any questions on how to use these tools, send me a message.
i could make a separate article on how to do microneedling or drybrushing if you're interested.

thanks for reading and i hope you liked it :)

xx, a random girl from the internet

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