i love my best friend to death. she definitely one of a kind. she supports me everyday. she gives me self confidence when i need it. she makes me smile every time i hang out with her and talk to her. without my best friend, i wouldn't be happier.

Info about my best friend and I.

~ our zodiac signs ~

my sign is pisces.
her sign is capicorn.

aries, Leo, and pisces image

~ my best friend style of fashion. ~
Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and clothes image adidas, black, and champion image fashion, outfit, and style image

~ us as cartoons. :) ~
friend image friend image
best friend on left < and me on right. >

~ our favourite music ~

her favorite music:

  • lily allen
  • p!nk

my favourite music

  • chase atlantic
  • billie eilish
  • the neighborhood
  • lana del rey

i love my best friend. <3

bye. :)