Oh well, had to do one of those at some point...

Favourite kind of movie

captain america, Marvel, and soldier image drums, music, and vintage image
Historical (fiction), music

Favourite movie

Casablanca image Casablanca, ingrid bergman, and black and white image

Last movie you watched and liked

Image removed christmas, pink, and vintage image
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms - it's not as bad as everyone says and yes, I watched it in July, I know...

Last movie you watched and disliked

blue, keira knightley, and satin image keira knightley, pretty, and bill skarsgård image
The Aftermath - I love Keira and historical fiction but Jesus, I didn't care about the characters, the plot, the romance, and the ending was disappointing.

Guilty pleasure

Temporarily removed captain marvel, carol danvers, and mcu image
Pearl Harbor

Movie that you've watched many times

Image by Farida Image removed
Dirty Dancing

Favorite soundtrack

bohemian rhapsody, rami malek, and Freddie Mercury image Queen and bohemian rhapsody image
Bohemian Rhapsody counts, right?

Favorite drama

Christopher Nolan, movie, and real image Temporarily removed cillian murphy and black and white image cillian murphy and anthropoid image
Dunkirk, Anthropoid

Favorite romantic comedy

Image removed Image removed 10 things i hate about you, quotes, and movie image 10 things i hate about you, 90s, and film image
Love, Rosie and 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite action film

joker, batman, and the dark knight image Temporarily removed
The Dark Knight

Favorite film from your pre-teen years

demi lovato, demi, and lovato image demi lovato, selena gomez, and delena image
Princess Protection Program

Favorite classic film

charlie chaplin, gif, and vintage image gif and charlie chaplin image
Modern Times

Movie I have mixed feelings about

dance, grunge, and music image film and pulp fiction image
Pulp Fiction - well...

Favourite Actor

photography, black and white, and heath ledger image cillian murphy, actor, and peaky blinders image
Heath Ledger, Cillian Murphy
gif and tom hughes image
...and honorable mention to Tom Hughes😅

Favourite Actress

belleza, hollywood, and ingrid bergman image pretty, jenna coleman, and couple image
Ingrid Bergman and obviously Jenna Coleman

Everyone has different taste so please don't judge me😂 thank you🌙