Day 07:

How are your character's parents? Appearance and personality.

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The parents that Osiri (character) is the best that she and her sister have been able to have, even if they live in Japan, they are always for each other, they are fun, united, loving what every child would love to have. In spite of the difficulties they are always there, crushing as always the good and not so good (in your perspective) decisions
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Ruby Smith, Osiris's mother is dark skinned, not so tall, funny, beautiful, a goddess in the kitchen (according to Osiri's descriptions) a best friend, trustworthy, grumpy but ... affectionate.
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Jazz Allen, el padre de Osiri, también es un dios en la cocina (aunque Osiri cree que su madre lo hace mejor XD) su padre es muy cariñoso, entretenido, competitivo, celoso XD y sobre todo protector, siempre ve a Osiri y a su hermana como Bebes de la casa.