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in this one, i'll be listing ideas you can use for your collections and writing ideas for your articles.


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collection ideas

1. if i owned a store

theme image Image removed

choose pictures of things that you would sell if you owned a store.

full credits to the person who made this collection. i was actually inspired by it and decided to put it on this list because of how creative it was

2. archive

cat, cute, and pink image coffee image

as far as i know, it's a collection where you just put random images that you like. there doesn't have to be a theme, you can just put whatever you want.

3. bucket list

aesthetic, city, and filter image fashion, outfit, and style image

basically things that you want to do. here are some ideas:

  • places that you want to go to
  • outfits that you want to wear
  • food that you want to try

it's great for reference.

4. inspiration

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pictures that inspire you. here are some ideas:

  • photoshoot ideas
  • bullet journal ideas
  • room decor ideas

5. if i were rich

luxury, house, and stairs image car and luxury image

things that you'd get if you had the money.

all credits to this collection:

thanks for the idea!

6. articles

some articles that i really like

you can put all the articles you've written or put articles that you really like into one collection. or you can put both lol

article ideas

1. if i owned a...

japan and cute image food, sushi, and aesthetic image
got inspiration from the first collection idea i mentioned in this article lol

here's some ideas:

  • cafe
  • shop

list things that you'd sell or have there. it's pretty fun and something to put your creativity into.

2. a-z things that i like

dog, animal, and cute image dog, animal, and shiba inu image

for each letter of the alphabet, list something that you like that begins with the same letter.

this article is a great example:

3. describe yourself with pictures

fashion, pink, and style image asian fashion, asian girl, and beach image

list several certain topics about you and try to describe them using pictures only.

here are some ideas:

  • style
  • favorite color/animal
  • hobbies

4. tags

some articles for examples. a great opportunity to advertise one of my own articles as well lol

here are some ideas for tag articles:

  • if i were tag (describe yourself in a what if scenario, such as "if i were in a tv show")
  • this or that tag (ask yourself questions with two choices. choose one choice and explain why you chose it)
  • get to know me alphabet tag (much like the "a-z things i like" thing but you're telling us about yourself)

5. if i had enough confidence

red, retro, and blue image alternative, clothes, and red image

things you'd do if you had enough confidence. for example:

  • wearing a certain outfit
  • going on a roller coaster

those are just a few examples. i'm sure you can think of a lot more on your own.

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i hope that you got some sort of inspiration out of this article. i give credit for most of the ideas on here to the other collections and articles that i listed.

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