how to accessorize

heyy in this article im gonna show how to accessorize and ways to spice up your outfit!
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chains are now superr trendy. a good place to find these chains is the brand LF. super cute to put over jeans, shorts, and definitely skirts
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belts are the perfect thing to add to a outfit to spice it up. it also gives your body a flattering look
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socks can really complete a look!
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i love to accessorize with jewelry. necklaces, earings, rings, bracelets, and anklets. add bling to your outfit!
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sunglasses make your outfit cute and help you prevent getting sun in your eyes
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cute hats are for any season! i love wearing beanies during the fall and winter. urban outfitters has really cute hats.
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also another way to complete your outfit. also a good way to bring your belongings places
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i love trying out new hairstyles and accessories. dont be afraid to try new things with your hair. hair clips, scrunchies, headbands, and ribbons are super trendy right now.

thank youu for reading and im excited because this is my first article <3