So just to clarify, Rosé is my bias in blackpink and this is my opinion you guys, I hope you like it.

1. Stay

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She looks really good with her pink hair, playing the guitar. She fits the aesthetic of the video so well.

2. As if your last

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She looks really good in the mv, she looks cute and sexy when the choreography requires it. (the last scene is my favorite)

3. Playing with fire

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Her orange hair sometimes gets lost with the fire behind her but the scene where she hugs the guy it always gives me chills.

4. Whistle

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She looks gorgeous when she is on top of the earth, she gets kind of lost sometimes because some of her scenes are really simple.

5. Kill this love

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She killing herself is one of the most amazing scenes in the mv, she looks beautiful but she didn't OWN the mv.

6. Boombayah

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First of all, wtf is that thing in her hair on the first scene. The outfits suit her beautifully but I don't notice her like the other members in some scenes.

7. Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

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Okay so, first of all, she looks beautiful with her red hair but the outfits weren't slaying for me, they looked repetitive and her hairstyle is almost the same the whole mv.