Welcome back! With school quickly approaching I thought I'd do this article!

Thanks so much to this article for the inspo!

What year are you going into?

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Third year, my seventh semester

What's your mayor?

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What classes are you taking this semester?

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Intellectual Property, Commercial law, Public Finances, Environmental Law, Gender in the Public Perspective, International Organizations and institutions

What are you nervous/excited about?

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I'm working in two personal projects, and hope to get a formal job from there!

Where do you want to transfer to?

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Nowhere really, but i'm gonna start seeing ways to do higher education at Harvard

What are 3 essentials in your backpack?

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Laptop, Water bottle and Planner!!!

What are 3 beauty-related essentials in your backpack?

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Chapstick, scrunchies and gum

What's the craziest thing that happened at your college?

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With the MeToo movement a LOT of my ex or actual teachers where fired, it was horrible.

What's your usual outfit for school?

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Jeans, a shirt and sneakers. Sometimes a lil more dressed up if I feel like it

Have you ever skipped a class?

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Just if it's necessary, like a doctor appointment, but I try my best not to!

Advise for anyone starting college?

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Don't over-think it! Go with the flow, keep organized and always try your best, mostly, enjoy it!!!

Thanks for reading!