So I want to meet people because I don't have many friends and most of the time I just want to talk to someone. If you want to chat just sent me a postcard c:

° facts about me:
- My name is Daniela
- I'm sixteen
- I speak spanish and english
- I love music (also I would love recommendations please c:)
- I love dancing and swimming
- I'm pretty awkward and shy

°things I like:
- Series (glee, skam, stranger things, the society, etc.)
- Movies (horror, comedy, drama, sci-fi)
- Youtube
- I LOVE musicals
- Concept playlists
- Conspiracy theories, series theories and stuff like that
- I like baking, I'm not an expert but I try

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soo yeah.

Don't be judgemental and let's just have a good time c: