Hello there, i´ve been a liitle absent, but i relly miss this app, in this app i can write, take photos of things that i like and more... <3 but unfortunately i have to be distant from this platform :( why? well all begin when i started the college again, a new semester was more bright than anything, but the thing is that, that semester was sooooo much hardwork, it requires full attention and OH GOSH!!!

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Anyway, i learned a lot of thing due to this, like:

  • If you would die or just love have cute notes, cute supplies or even an aesthetic thing, but god knows you just didn´t born to that XD... dont get tired or give up, try to find a way that doesnt mess all up, like do something more monocromatic, not a lot of colors, try to change one or two letters to lettering, mark a white sheet with stripes so you have a canvas, so you dont go down or to the side when you write ( true statements).
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  • At least have one partner in the classroom that you can talk to about the class or maybe about some random stuff, because being 5 hrs straight only with school it can stress you out.
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  • In the little recess you have, make sure to walk a little, maybe to refill your bottle of water, buy a candy or just talk in the hall with someone.
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  • Try to do all the work, homeworks or study IN TIME!! (or at least dont let more than 3 things get together)
  • Be cool with everyone (i have seen a lot of poison in people and thts not cool), im not saying that you have to talk with eeryone and be an super extrovert person, just dont be rude <3
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For the end and maybe one of the most important, try to enjoy where you are right now, theres not gonna be another life when you can do the things you are afraid of doing, try one step at time.

Notes: always use sunscreen and smile

And thats all folks, im a normal girl, with normal things that want to share something with this lovely comunity, hope you like it and write to you later.