Most/Least favourite book

book, harry potter, and candle image
Most: Prisoner of Azkaban
book, harry potter, and candle image
Least: The half-blood prince

Most/Least favourite movie

harry potter, aesthetic, and marauders map image
Most: Prisoner of Azkaban
harry potter, the goblet of fire, and port key image
Least: Goblet of fire

Most/Least favourite female character

harry potter, luna lovegood, and harrypotter image
Most: Luna Lovegood
harry potter, lavender brown, and ron weasley image
Least: Lavender Brown

Most/Least favourite male character

harry potter, sirius black, and daniel radcliffe image
Most: Sirius Black
harry potter image
Least: Cormac McLaggen

Most/Least favourite teacher

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Most: Remus Lupin
Image by just a typical sad teenager
Least: Dolores Umbridge

Favourite couple

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Bill and Fleur

Favourite Weasley

harry potter, quotes, and Fred image
Fred Weasley

Favourite death eater

harry potter, bellatrix lestrange, and bellatrix image
Bellatrix Lestrange

Favourite villain

gif, harry potter, and tom riddle image
Lord Voldemort

Favourite Deathly Hallow

daniel radcliffe, death, and emma watson image
Invisibility Cloak

Favourite Horcrux

ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image
Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Best/Saddest/Funniest moment

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Best: Fred and George's Firework
harry potter, sirius black, and gary oldman image
Saddest: The Ragged Veil
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Funniest: Gilderoy Lockhart obliviating himself

Favourite quote

"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."
-Sirius Black

Favourite Tri-Wizard Tournament challenge

3, dark, and goblet of fire image
The Maze

Favourite wizard food

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Cauldron Cakes

Favourite wizard drink

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Favourite magical ability

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Favourite creature

harry potter and hogwarts image
Buckbeak the Hippogriff

Favourite place

aesthetic, hogwarts, and nature image
The Black Lake

Favourite subject

dark and harry potter image
Defence Against Dark Arts

Favourite spell

charm, expecto patronum, and harry potter image
Expecto Patronum

Favourite unforgiveable curse

harry potter and imperio image

Favourite potion

potion, aesthetic, and harry potter image
Dittany's essence

Favourite Hogwarts ghost

Image by Grace
Peeves, even though he's not mentioned in the movies (mad about it ever since)

Favourite object

harry potter, map, and marauders map image
Marauders Map
Misses Sarah
Misses Sarah