I decided to do the this or that fashion edition tag made by @annaka__

original tag:

1 | colorful or neutral clothes?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion image fashion, style, and girl image
both tbh. it really depends on my mood.

2 | jeans or sweatpants?

fashion, jeans, and denim image girl, fashion, and style image
jeans definitely.

3 | shorts or skirts?

Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image

4 | leggings or yoga pants?

fitness, girl, and body image nike, fitness, and sport image
yoga pants.

5 | dungarees or dresses?

dress, outfit, and yellow image Temporarily removed
cute dresses.

6 | tops or shirts?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and girl image
both tops and t-shirts.

7 | long or short sleeve?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, clothes, and beauty image
it depends on the weather. short in the summertime and long in the wintertime.

8 | jackets or coats?

friends, fashion, and style image aesthetic, alternative, and clothes image
denim jackets and long coats.

9 | sweaters or hoodies?

girl, style, and tumblr image beige, street fashion, and ootd image

10 | colourful or neutral underwear?

Abusive image Abusive image
neutral underwear. but red are also a hit.

11 | lacy or sport bra?

Mature image Abusive image
lacy bras.

12 | denim or leather?

Temporarily removed blue, body, and chic image
denim. denim on denim looks amazing tbh.

13 | sneakers or heels?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, nike, and shoes image
sneakers all the time. also for nicer occasions.

14 | ankle or over the knee boots?

fashion, shoes, and boots image Temporarily removed
ankle boots.

15 | purse or backpack?

fashion, outfit, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
purses and cross over bags.

16 | rings or bracelets?

rings, jewelry, and accessories image alternative, beige, and grunge image
rings. i like to mix up different styles and gold and silver. I so wear one bracelet I got from my grandmother.

17 | necklaces or earrings?

earings, gold, and jewerly image fashion, style, and necklace image
both for everyday jewelry.

18 | studs or dangly earrings?

Temporarily removed accessories, beauty, and blonde image
biggest fan of dangly ones but i use a mixture of both.

19 | dangly earrings or hoops?

earrings, fashion, and style image earrings, aesthetic, and jewelry image

20 | piercings or tattoos?

aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image Temporarily removed
i love both. tattoos are like body art. piercings are the pop on your look.

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