This is one of my characters in my story Prince of Hell I have a collection of her already but I wanted to make a more organized folder of her for me and others to understand her more

36 years old

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hair image green, aesthetic, and fashion image
Hair color: Light Brown
eye, brown, and eyes image
Eye color : brown
actress, beauty, and casual image lily collins image
Temporarily removed couple, goals, and him image quotes, time, and words image Temporarily removed
love rosie, lily collins, and love image lily collins, baby, and lilycollins image actress, clothes, and fashion image girl image
Mother: Daughter Amara
derek, hale, and tyler hoechlin image gif, girl, and love image Image removed quotes, love, and mood image
Married/Relationship: Issac
autumn, fall, and house image Image by Jurnaldedesign kitchen image bedroom, bed, and mr image