For the past few months, The family of man band Why Don't We has been growing rapidly. Some are good while there are those that brings the worst in situations, causing the guys to be more caution.

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A lot has happen to the boys this past year and mostly on them individually and there are those that points it out every time that something has happen and it's NOT okay to them because we don't know the story of what's happening.

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Things happen all the time and the limelights that points out everything and causes disasters should be told that what they're doing is WRONG and hurtful to not only to the guys but to their families and the limelights that are actually respectful cuz it seems that the only reason that they can't open up as much as they used to, it's hard to say anything without a dramatic reaction.

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And when someone crosses the line, it causes the guys to shut down their social media when no one but each other and the people around them knows the story and they can't say because it's causes more problems and there are those that know how to twist something. If you don't know BOTH NOT ONE side(s) of the story, you can't judge about it.

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(You know why this pic is in here and everyone that follows him knows)

They make sure that the music is good and make everyone happy as much as they can. If they didn't care, they would've quit already.

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Next time someone saids something, ask if it's true or not and if it is and don't know the story, don't say something that could hurt someone.

Is cheating wrong? Yes
Is body shaming wrong? Yes
Is telling someone to hurt themselves wrong? Yes
Should we believe everything on social media? NO
Should we believe everything that the people we follow is telling the truth? NO

How do you know that they cheated? Is it possible that someone twisted it? Can things on the internet actually be a lie? How could You or someone else possibly know?

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Just because they're well known, they are just as human as we are and want privacy just as much as we want it. Or did everyone forget how we should respect and treat each other as one.

This is MY opinion and i'm just saying as to what has happen and if there's anything that you would like for me to write about, tell me because I am open to new things.

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Thank you for love and support and remember that everyone is weird in their own ways and life is meant for you from your choices, no one else. :)