Hello again! it's been a while haha, i've been away on vacation BUT I'm back, this time with a tag; never done one of those before but they seem very fun so here we go!

i saw it first here:

-favorite kind of movie

Abusive image pan's labyrinth image sixteen candles, Molly Ringwald, and movie image couple, julia roberts, and movie image
action, fantasy and the so called chick-flicks (rom-coms)

-favorite movie

loving vincent image quote, vincent van gogh, and loving vincent image
gif and loving vincent image
Loving Vincent ( 2017 ) a stop motion wonder, beautiful beyond words.
pride and prejudice, mr darcy, and movie image pride and prejudice, elizabeth bennet, and keira knightley image
Temporarily removed
Pride and Prejudice (2005) a classic.
ac dc, iron man, and iron man 2 image Avengers and Marvel image
Avengers, gif, and iron man image
Iron Man 2 (2010) yes yes yes and only for that suit up scene.

-last movie you watched and liked

Saoirse Ronan image Brooklyn, Saoirse Ronan, and emory cohen image burning, korean, and movie image burning image the pianist movie, movie movies film, and filming films night image adrien brody, period drama, and war image
Brooklyn (2015), Burning (2018), The Pianist (2002)

-last movie you watched and disliked

gif, robin hood, and taron egerton image
Robin Hood (2018)

-guilty pleasure

jaden smith, karate kid, and the karate kid image love and karate kid image
The Karate Kid (2010)

-movie that you've watched many times

Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image Clueless, 90s, and movie image
Clueless (1995)

-favorite soundtrack

Lady gaga, movie, and bradley cooper image Lady gaga and a star is born image
A Star is Born (2018)

-favorite drama

Image by monoxido de carbono. Image by monoxido de carbono.
Shoplifters (2018)

-favorite romantic comedy

film, movie, and ryan reynolds image sandra bullock, the proposal, and ryan reynolds image love, movie, and 10 things i hate about you image 10 things i hate about you, larisa oleynik, and love image
The Proposal (2009), 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

-favorite action film

joker, quote, and text image Abusive image
The Dark Knight (2008) one of many.

-favorite film from your pre-teen years

film, hannah montana, and miley cyrus image film, hannah montana, and miley cyrus image
Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) also one of many.

-favorite classic film

Image by {V} Psycho, norman bates, and anthony perkins image
Psycho (1960)

-movie I have mixed feelings about

90s, manga, and south korea image Chan-Wook Park, manga, and south korea image
Oldboy (2003) man oh man...

-movie from the year I was born

90's, bring it on, and goals image bring it on and gif image
Bring it On (2000)

the end