Man Band Why Don't We released their 7 of the 12 month song journey.... I still do.

bromance, i still do, and limelights image

And instead of Daniel starting it off, Jonah begins they might be switching it up for the next songs later on.

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And how their cover pics look the same as Unbelievable but changed the colors

bromance, i still do, and limelights image music, why don't we, and man band image
(They're wearing the same outfits but change it to black and a color)

I Still Do is about wanting that person even though there's tension between the two of y'all and it becomes like salsa when you want someone and then no longer want them.

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The rhythm is like upbeat and like señorita but instead of wanting the person, love goes back and forth and it goes to "I still do love you" to "hate to love you"

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