Never heard of Kinesiology before? Let me break it down for you!

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. How the body moves, its mechanics, why people move the way they do, what happens to movement during illness, etc, etc.

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As an athlete in high school, I became interested in this field of study when I got injuries from running, and had to see a physical therapist. Now it's my major in college and I love every part of it.

What do you study in this major? Well, for starters:

1. Human Anatomy and Physiology (aka the hardest classes, ever)

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2. Nutrition

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And not just "what to eat"-but how and why foods impact your physiology, both at rest and in motion.

3. Biomechanics- how people move, our body's structures and how they produce/relate to movement, why injuries occur

4. Lifespan motor development- how movement changes across the lifespan, basically, how your movements change as you age

5. Sport psychology and sociology- looking at the relationship between sports and society, and the thinking/mentalities that influence sport performance

And these are just a few of the main courses. You have to get through prereqs first such as basic biology, chemistry, and physics.

More importantly, what can you DO with a major in Kinesiology? Well, a lot, actually.

1. Physical and Occupational Therapy

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Both are very different careers that share some similarities.

2. Coaching and Personal Training

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Working with sports teams, or one-on-one training in a gym are common in this field.

3. Athletic Training- deals with immediate care for injuries on the field. Works mostly with athletes. Level of education and licensure varies by state.

4. Physician's Assistant, Nursing, Pre-Med:
Yes, you can go into these fields if you were a Kin major. We share many of the same course load and prerequisites for graduate school as these students. Because, guess what, Kinesiology is a STEM major too, and we often get students who are pre-med in our major when theirs (sorry) doesn't accept them. Which doesn't make any difference to their career path! You may have to take a few additional courses outside of the Kin major depending on what career path you're looking at.

*Remember: many of these career paths require differing levels of education, certification, and licensure based on where you live and where you want to work. And these standards change, so look them up so you know what to expect!

What I've found within my major is a community of fitness-loving people who are all here for a reason. Kin is a major that people typically choose because they have a story that motivated them, not just that they're "sort of interested in it" like you can find with other majors. (i'm biased, who cares) Mine was getting injured my freshman year in cross-country, and having an awesome physical therapist who taught me how to train my body to prevent future injuries.

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All of our professors are kind, funny, very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to-which is hard to find in college. I've had games of basketball break out in the middle of lecture, and days where professors took us to the gym to teach us the movements we were learning about. It's a very hands-on major because we LITERALLY STUDY MOVEMENT.

It's so fun and I love talking about it-so if you have any questions about Kinesiology, please message me!!!