Favorite TV Show ?

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Starring the amazing Tatiana Maslany

Favorite character from a TV Show ?

kristen bell and veronica mars image
Veronica Mars is the best

TV Show you though you wouldn't like but ended up liking ?

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Brooklyn Nine-nine, thank you

TV Show that you want to be in ?

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New Girl

TV Crush ?

adam brody image
Adam Brody in The OC, first crush ever

TV Show that reminds you of your childhood ?

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First I ever watched

Character from a TV Show you would like to play ?

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Margo from the Magicians, such a queen

TV Show you have abandoned ?

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TV Show you've watched several times ?

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The Good Place

Underrated TV Show ?

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TV Show that everyone likes but you don't ?

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TV Show that you're currently watching ?

skam, squad, and friends image
SKAM France, season 6

TV Show that ended too soon ?

series and deadly class image
Deadly Class

TV Show that was cancelled on a cliffhanger ?

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Santa Clarita Diet

TV Show that left me confused ?

Reese Witherspoon, tv, and kerry washington image
Little Fires Everywhere

TV Show I keep watching without any reason ?

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TV Show I should start watching ?

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This is us

TV Show that should have ended before ?

la casa de papel, berlin, and denver image
Casa de papel, after part II

TV Show that will make me cry on the last season ?

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How to get away with murder : I am absolutely not ready to see the end (but still, it needed an ending)

TV Show I regret watching

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TV Show I am ashamed to admit to watch

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High School Musical, the musical