I saw the article bellow another day, and was inspired to do one just like it. Since I love books, talking about books and recommending books, it was super fun to write this article.

My inspiration

e-books or physical books?

Here's the thing: I always thought I would NEVER get used to an e-reader, because I simply love physical books too much. But then, I got a kindle as a gift, and started using it regularly and guys... it's so practical and so light. I still love physical books, but at the moment I'm enjoying more reading my kindle books.

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online or in-store shopping?

I LOVE going to the bookstore, browsing through titles, smelling that new-book smell... I wouldn't trade that experience for online shopping.

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do you borrow books or buy them?

If a friend has the book, usually I prefer to borrow it. I love lending my books as well.

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long or short books?

I'll go with 'in-between' books! The ones I read are usually about 300-500 pages, but I've read shorter and longer ones as well.

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top 3 genres

1. historical romance
2. young adult
3. contemporary romance

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favorite authors?

Julia Quinn, Vitor Martins, Tessa Dare, Becky Albertalli, Jasmine Guillory

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what are some of your favorite books?

the bridgerton series, the first last kiss, the kiss quotient, red white and royal blue, fangirl, simon vs the homo sapiens agenda

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what was the last book you read?

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory

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what are you currently reading?

When Beauty Tamed the Beast, by Eloisa James

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where do you prefer to read?

I absolutely love reading in my bed!

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do you use bookmarks?

Yes, I do! I collect them, actually.

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do you highlight quotes in books?

If I really feel like it, I do. But not on all of my books.

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what books do you want to read next?

OMG so many of them!
what if it's us, the other miss bridgerton, can you keep a secret?, the bride test...

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Thank you very much for reading, I hope you like my book recs! Please, have a look at my other articles if you'd like: